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Welcome to the Therian Territory website! This website provides easy access to Kyra's content, as well as a nice place to discuss their videos and therianthropy in general in the forums and chats. You can also commission art and follow the latest updates.

We hope to meet you soon!

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Together with some minor tweeks and changes, I have updated my website and given it a new feature: the Therian Locator. This locator is a group in which people can advertise their packs,  look for packs or look for (local) therians to connect with. People who ask me if I know a pack or anything alike, will be directed to this webpage as well.

Every member who has registered on this website, whether they are verified or not, will automatically be added to this group. You are always free to leave it, however. You can also change the notification settings by pressing the three dots on the top right of the webpage to prevent your notification box from overflowing with new messages.

Remember to never share you direct location, and only mention the state/country you live in and perhaps a city near you. This is to protect your own privacy. I have bewared users on various places throughout the webpage about this and will recommend people to remove their exact location, should I encounter such cases.

I hope this webpage can bring a good contribution to the community, and that people can easily use this new feature. Feedback is always appreciated, so don't hesitate to contact me.


YOU decide what video I make next!

UPDATE: The voting has ended! The winner is: "10 struggles Therians have daily"! Video is in the making now, so voting does not have an effect anymore. I thank you all deeply for being involved with my channel!


I made a post on the community dashboard of my YouTube channel, where you can now vote what video I will be making this weekend. Be fast, however, the voting ends next Friday. Just one more day to vote!

You can find the poll here. You must however have an up-to-date version of your browser. If the community message isn't visible, I recommend trying it on your mobile phone instead.

May the best video idea win!


Get yourself verified!

I have noticed that only half of the people who sign up on this website, with the purpose to get access to the forums and chats, actually verified themselves on the 'Introduce Yourself' category. I am aware that this is something I haven't specifically mentioned, but you need to get verified by making an introduction post to have full access to all of the website's possibilities. So if you haven't made an introduction post already, make a post! You can find an explanation of what required questions to answer here.

I would just love for you all to be able to have full access, even though I understand that forum platforms are things to get used to. I really hope to see you all there! Don't hesitate to make an introduction!


Collective Survey Webpage

I have updated the website with a new webpage under the 'Therianthropy' menu option that is called 'Surveys'.

I made this page because I wanted people to be able to easily get access to all available surveys to take, and results of surveys that have already been closed. I am giving a shoutout to PD for helping me find some good surveys to include. I came to him because I know he always knows where to find the best resources, either that or he collects them somewhere haha.

I hope you guys will enjoy this new webpage and do not hesitate to fill in some running surveys!


Therian Territory Website

Hi there!

Today I have opened up my Therian Territory website! This website provides easy access to my content, as well as a nice place to discuss my videos and therianthropy in general in the forums and chats. You can also commission art, buy merch, and follow my latest updates. I'm happy all of you are so excited about this project! I hope to be in contact through this site with you all soon.


(Note: the update bars underneath will be filled overtime. I also have a limited amount of merch available for now, as the artworks are still in process of being made.)