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Who am I?

Hi guys!

Welcome to my Therian Territory. You may call me Kyra. I am a 21-year-old non-binary person who lives in The Netherlands. I am a Therianthrope, identifying as a Silver Wolf and a Betta Fish. I also perform Witchcraft, based on my own beliefs and I practice Tulpamancy with my wonderful Tulpa, Kyra, of whom I have stolen the name for online use. On YouTube, I host a Therianthropy-witchcraft-non-binary-Tulpamancy-representing channel with (bi-)weekly vlogs. Down below I will explain the meanings of the many complicated terms used.

I am currently living in a small house with my girlfriend, who is also Alter-Human and Transgender. We met each other during my first meet with the Dutch & Belgian Therian Group in September 2019. Together we are the parents of two beautiful little rats, names Noodle & Cookie. We plan to get many more pets in the future.

I am in an art school, studying Animation Design. I want my profession to be somewhere in the movie industry at some point, whether that be behind a camera or drawing actual animations.

I began my YouTube Channel, Therian Territory, on May 26th 2020, and I have grown quite a base of supporters along the way. I also definitely have grown as a person, getting a lot of false accusations and being thrown right into community drama due to my status. But on the more positive side, I have made so many friends, people who genuinely care about me as a person and that is something that holds endless value.

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What is Therianthropy?

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Therianthropy is a branch of the Alter-Human experience. It is the experience of having animal-like behaviors and/or urges, and/or you identify as an animal on a non-physical level. It's a spiritual and/or psychological experience instead. People who experience Therianthropy are called Therianthropes or Therians in short, the animal they identify as is called their theriotype. Most of us still also identify as a human, but this is a person-to-person opinion. This identity is not a choice. The only thing that we chose is to embrace the animal-like experiences as an identity rather than a burden to ourselves and to look into it rather than trying to avoid it and potentially getting a worse outcome. A lot of Therians know they have an animal identity, but it takes a while before they know what the animal is they identify as. Others know about their specific theriotype for a long while, but only, later on, find out that their experience is called Therianthropy and that it has a whole community. This was my case.

For more info, please consider visiting the Therian Guide.

What is Tulpamancy?

Tulpamancy is a branch in the practice of Thoughtforms. Thoughtforms is the belief and practice that anything you think of is real, whether that be non-physically in this world or physically in another world or dimension. A Tulpa is a Thoughtform, and is often called "an imaginary friend but for adults/on steroids". A Tulpa is in a way an imaginary friend. The Tulpa-host creates a Thoughtform based on a small fraction of themselves, whether that be a personality trait or an emotion, etc. From this fraction, they create a whole new entity around it, that has their own thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and dreams. The more you interact with the Tulpa, the more separate they become from you, and you will slowly learn to unconsciously think for them. There is now a whole new being inside of you or imagined outside of you. Tulpamancy has nothing to do with Dissociative Identity Disorder. It is not a voluntary system, as the Tulpa is in no way like an Alter.

For more info, please consider visiting Tulpa.info.

Giving Kyra my feminine shirts Transpare

What is Witchcraft?


Witchcraft is the practice of influencing, giving, and receiving what most call "Magick", but some, like me, prefer "Energies" instead. Witchcraft on its own is not a religion, but its practice is often tied to various beliefs such as Wicca, Christianity, and Satanism. One does not need to be religious to perform witchcraft. This practice can be found in the simplest actions, such as lighting a candle for a nice aesthetic in your home, or choosing a specific shampoo because you believe it possesses a specific quality. But, of course, it also goes as far as doing rituals and spells individually or in a coven. Witches hold a negative reputation due to how their lore was perceived by Hollywood Movies and the like. A lot of people associate Witches as ugly old women riding broomsticks with a large hat and a black cat by their sides. Of course, this is far from what Witches actually are. Witches are just like any other people, but with a specific way of self-care and set of beliefs.

Please join the Archive Discord server for the best resources.

What is Non-Binary?

Non-Binary is the umbrella term for any gender experience besides male or female. What a lot of people do not know is that gender is a spectrum instead of just 'boy' or 'girl'. A lot of people do not see themselves as an entire boy or girl. Non-binary people see themselves as either both, neither, somewhere between boy and girl, or see themselves as having an entirely different gender, or fluctuating between two or more of the mentioned. They officially fall under the term Transgender because they do not identify with the gender they were born as (unless they were born Intersex), but not all Non-Binary people prefer using this term for themselves. Whether they want to modify their body to the desired outcome entirely depends on themselves, just like all Transgender people, but a significant amount of Non-Binary people prefer to have their body modified to something that is between male and female (for example: having a vagina without breasts, or having a penis with breasts). Non-binary people often prefer they/them pronouns or a different set called neo-pronouns (xe/xir, ze/zie, etc.) How Non-Binary people express themselves or the things they are interested in is separate from their identity, but can often match each other. For example, should a Non-Binary person call themselves Non-Binary, but looks and act entirely female, it means that they are still just as Non-Binary as someone who has no specifically "gendered" expression and behavior.

For more info, please consider looking at the Non-Binary Guidance.

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