Frequently Asked Questions

On this webpage you can find the answers to the questions that are asked daily by people who are curious, questioning if they're a therian or not or are new to the therian community in general. You can always ask questions on the forums here.

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What is a Therian?

A therian is a person who identifies as an animal or animalistic creature and/or experiences animalistic behavior, urges, and instincts. Therians can identify as a specific animal or a clade, but most will also still identify as human.


How do I know if I'm a Therian?

Most new members of the community seem to experience repeated specific urges, experiences, and instincts that do not align with that of a human being. There is a possibility that you might experience Therianthropy. Experiencing such animalistic behaviors can already mean you are a Therian, so it doesn't take much to call yourself one. One does not "become" a therian, but has always been one. Beware, however, that having a deep connection with an animal does not mean you are a therian. Such experiences can also mean you are kith (A deep connection to an animal, identifying WITH an animal) or simply love an animal dearly. Only if you consider yourself to be an animal means you are a therian.


How do I know what my theriotype is?

A lot of new members of the community tend to think they know their theriotype as soon as they discover they are a therian. Many therians, however, encourage you to do a lot of research about all of your animalistic behaviors. Maybe write them down in a journal, at least keep track of them. Also, do a lot of research on possible animals that exist in this world, and even beyond. Experiencing wolf behaviors, for example, does not mean you're a wolf. You could also be another type of canine. Finding a theriotype is not a matter of a day, but rather a couple of months. Some people recommend meditating on it, others debunk this due to the fact that your mind can easily trick you into seeing/experiencing things you want to see/experience. Take into consideration that one can also identify as an extinct species (paleotherian) or an entire clade in the animal kingdom (cladotherian).


Is Therianthropy a cult or a fandom?

Therianthropy itself is an experience and an identity. The Therianthropy Community, however, is only a community for therians to talk about their animalistic experiences without being judged by the public eye. It's not a cult because there is no relation to worshipping, rituals, or rules aside from a basic term list to keep communication in the community more understandable. It's also not a fandom, it's not a shared interest in a specific style, person, or activity.


Is Therianthropy a spirituality or a past life?

Technically, no. While half of the Therian community identifies as an animal due to a spiritual belief, it is nothing like a spirit animal, totem, or spirit guide. A lot of therians belief they were a specific animal in a past life, but only if you still identify as that animal in THIS life, it will make you a therian. Only having a past-life animal does not make you a therian.


Are Therians the same as/related to Furries?

No. Being a furry means you are interested in anthropomorphic animals (animals characterized by human traits) through roleplay, art, and fursuiting, while therianthropy means you identify as an animal. Although some therians are furries and some furries may turn out to be therians, the two are not related to one another in any way


Does being a therian mean you do quadrobics?

No. When one identifies as an animal, they may feel uncomfortable walking on two feet at times. Some therians find relief by practicing quadrobics, walking on all fours can make them feel more connected to their theriotype. To some therians & non-therians it can also simply be a hobby/sport. Although this trend has mainly risen on TikTok, being a therian does not mean you do quadrobics.

Can I physically shift into my theriotype (or any other creature)?

Physically shifting is something that the Therian Community deems impossible and is often seen as a taboo/banned topic (such as on this website). If you seriously believe you can change into a different form other than your human self, this is called Lycanthropy and is seen as a mental illness. Therianthropes, while of course having a few exceptions, are not Lycanthropes. There are a lot of subliminal messaging/hypnosis/meditation guide videos on the internet that claim to help you physically turn into an animal (some even have to be purchased), beware of such videos as they are simply scams. Some packs might pressure you to act as if you can physically shift, it is advised not to give in to such group pressure.


Do I need a tail (or other gear, example: collar, ears) to be a therian?

Not at all. Wearing gear is nothing but self expression, and was actually only introduced into the community when "Teen Wolves" made a few headlines on the internet in the early 2000's (While the Therianthropy Community has existed since +/- 1975). Some therians wear gear to connect to their theriotype, others have nothing with gear at all.

Where can I buy gear?

I have provided a list of sources and information on where to find gear on this webpage.


What is a Therian Pack? Do I have to be in one?

A pack is a friend group that contains therians (& also otherkin and fictionkin, depending on the pack) that is either online or local. While a lot of younger therians idolize being a member of a pack due to the need to belong to a group, it is definitely not mandatory to be a therian. These friend groups are often characterized by a rank order of the debunked wolf-hierarchy system (Alpha, beta, subordinate, omega). I advise you to look at PD's video about healthy vs. unhealthy therian packs to make sure you do not end up in a pack that is going to have a negative impact on you.


How can I find local therians or therian/wolf packs?

A couple of platforms in the community (such as the Therian Guide and PD's Community Discord server) have a collaborative world map where you can place a pin of where you live and see if there are therians living nearby. Most therians are located all over the United States, but also in West Europe.

There are also accounts on several platforms dedicated to advertise packs or help you look for a pack. Both online and local packs. Such as Otherkin_finder, Kinlocator & therian.locator