Welcome to the Therian Territory website! This website provides easy access to Kyra's content, as well as a nice place to discuss their videos and therianthropy in general in the forums and chats. You can also commission art and follow the latest updates.

We hope to meet you soon!


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This webpage shows recourses of the following:

-Information on Alter-Human

- Entertainment Recources

- Gear Resources and what you should know

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Disclaimer: This site is not responsible for the possible insecurities of the provided links. Some webpages or shops may be inactive or closed.


Therian/Alter-human Wiki

Provides a clear yet limited source of information about Alter-Human terms and definitions.

Therian Guide

One of the most used platforms of the Therian Community and provides a basic source of information, but a much more detailed, active forum where Therianthropy is discussed daily.

Otherkin Phenomena

A site made by the same hosts as the Therian Guide, but for Otherkin instead. It is very new, but very informational and professional.

PD (Pink Dolphin)

A YouTube Channel dedicated to informing people about therianthropy. Next to vlogging, PD is also known for his community work and support. I consider PD a great friend and an ally.

Therian Nation

While this YouTube channel is considered inactive, it still provides some very useful videos with very great explanations about Therianthropic terms used in the community.


One of the longest-running therianthropy community sites with a slightly active forum. Old mile-point setting posts about the community can be found here.

The Chimeras Library

This site is filled with many useful resources, archives, and e-books about Therianthropy. Hosted by HouseOfChimeras, a well-respected system within the community. Most archives are from the deceased site alt.horror.werewolves, the site that founded the therian community.


Therian Territory

Although this site is evolved around this YouTube channel, it would be weird not to feature Therian Territory as an entertainment source. This YouTube channel is mainly about Kyra's therianthropic experiences, stories and much more.

WereAreWe Podcast

A Podcast on Podbean hosted by grey-muzzle Zefer Nezumi (known as a moderator on the Therian Guide) that discusses different topics about Therianthropy.

Bloody Rose Wolf Pack

This YouTube channel is dedicated to both inform and entertain fellow therians. Their content is simple yet cool.

Austin Pericule

His content isn't specifically aimed at Therianthropy, but this therian makes a lot of adventurous vlogs that are definitely worth checking out!

Fawn The Mountain Lion

Although quite new and young, Fawn has made some nice and interesting vlogs so far!


This YouTube channel mainly shares Furry-styled animations, but the owner confirmed to be a therian. Nonetheless, definitely worth checking out!

Greenwood Adventures

An Instagram account, hosted by well-respected Oak Leaf, that posts comics about therianthropy. It is both informational, cool, and highly entertaining! 


Wylder Taxidermy

Always been a big fan of her tails. This shop is owned by a therian and sells various taxidermy items such a fox tails and pelts. They sell their items both on their Instagram account (@wylder.taxidermy) and their Etsy shop.  

Untamed Creature

This Etsy shop, owned by another therian, sells both real fur tails as well as Therianthropic necklaces and such!

Oaken Fox Shoppe

Another Etsy shop hosted by a therian, with a pretty variety of taxidermy items.

Real Fur Websites:

- Glacier Wear

- Furtail or Furtails

- Hide and Fur

- Flat Tailfurs

- Fur Harvesters

Gear Websites:

- Therian Redbubble

- Camp Mustelid

- Chaos Costumes

- Center Of The Circle

Where NOT to buy taxidermy:

- Aliexpress

- Wish

- Amazon

- EBay

- Some Etsy sites, so give it a good look!

These sites have tails sold by Chinese Furfarms which are known for their animal cruelty. Buying tails from these farms means you actively financially support this animal abuse.

Such foxtails are often recognized by the following:

- Characterized golden Chinese chain clips: No thumb-lever, an edged width, relatively small.


- The leather is in bad condition, moldy, poorly scraped, flesh still visible.

- White fur has been re-painted, often very blue in comparison to real white fur (real white fur may seem blonde in comparison).

- Tail has an overall bad look, often very small or bluntly shaped.

Chinese fur farms can be recognized by:

- The use of stock photos

- The example not matching the name of the fur color in the title (ex: silver fox is not silver)

- The shop name can also be found on the sites mentioned above.

- It's cheap, often under 10 dollars, and has over a month of shipping time.