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Alter-Human Termlist

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Disclaimer: This term list is made with a collection of information on various websites and other sources. Should you not agree with any of the descriptions, you can contact me here.

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Alter-human: The umbrella term for people who identify as more/other than human, that has to do with species.

Therian(thrope): A person who experiences therianthropy. A therian identifies as a non-human animal or experiences animalistic behavior/instincts on either a psychological or spiritual level. A Therian knows they are physically human.

Therianthropy: The experience of feeling like you exist as a particular animal species or clade on top/instead of being human.

'X'-Kin/Theriotype: The (sub)species or clade a Therian identifies as.

Theriomythic: An individual who identifies non-physically as a type of categorically fantastical creature, but whose experiences within their identity are marked by a unique animality; An individual who identifies non-physically as a creature from mythology, folklore, or another form of legend. (source)

Otherkin: A person who experiences Otherkinnity. An Otherkin identifies as a non-earthen creature on either a psychological or spiritual level. An Otherkin knows they are physically human.

Otherkinity: The experience of feeling like you exist as a particular non-earthen creature or clade of the mythical kingdom on top/instead of being human.


'X'-Kin/Kintype: The non-earthen creature or clade an Otherkin identifies as.

Fictionkin: A person who identifies as a fictional character on a psychological or spiritual level. It is proven that fictionkinity is not the same experience as Therianthropy or Otherkinnity and therefore it is debated whether it falls under the Alter-human umbrella term or not.

Otherhearted/Kith: Someone who deeply connects/empathizes/relates to an animal. Someone who is otherhearted identifies WITH a creature. They often feel as if they could be their family or as if they can somehow communicate with them.

Vampires, Elves & Dwarfs: Otherkin who identify as vampire/elf/dwarf, the difference being that vampires, elves, and dwarfs can believe they are also physically non-human.

Plantkin/Pythanthrope: Identifying as a plant on a psychological or spiritual level. Plantkin know they are physically human.

Objectkin: Identifying as an object on a psychological or spiritual level. Objectkin know they are physically human.

Copinglink: Identifying with/as an animal/creature/character in order to cope with something such as trauma or your current life situation. It is stated that copinglinkers are not the same as Therians/Otherkin/Fictionkin. Copinglinkers can choose their non-human identity. A copinglink can turn into a therio-/kin-/fictotype.

Starseeds: A branch in the Otherkin community of people who identify as a being from outer space. Some starseeds find the term 'Alien' insulting and therefore don't want to be called Alienkin. The Starseeds have a list of non-earthen beings (often humanoid) as past-life possibilities to hold on to. Starseeds often believe in reincarnation and that they were born as humans with a mission to better themselves and the world.


Furry: A person who is interested in anthropomorphic animals through art, roleplay, and fursuiting. Furries are not related to Alter-humans, but a person with an Alter-human identity can be a furry.

Transspecies: A person does not feel human and sometimes tries to or wants to change their bodily features into those of another creature through modification (tongue-splitting, pointing the ears, tattooing the face, etc). Alter-humans are generally NOT transspecies, but they can be.

Teen Wolf: A person who is involved in the Teen Wolf community, which is a branch in the emo/goth lifestyle in which people dress up to look like a wolf and show traits of them for communication and expression. They are typically seen wearing dark clothes, and it's said they invited Taxidermy tails (and gear in general) as accessories in the Therian community. It is said that a lot of Teen Wolves are also therians, but it was never proven and not mandatory to be a Teen Wolf.

Lycanthropy: Believing that you are actually a werewolf/animal who can physically transform. Lycanthropy is an actual mental illness. Alter-humans are generally not Lycanthropes, but they can be.

Factkin: Identifying as a human being that actually exists or has existed. It is seen as a taboo in the Alter-human community due to identity theft.

Kinnies: A modern term believed to stem from a slur for 'Otherkin' describing a person who deeply relates to a fictional character or animal/creature. Most Kinnies are misinformed fictionkiths. The separate community uses Alter-Human terms and therefore (amongst other factors) is known to generally damage the Alter-Human community and the perspective on this community from the world.

Physical Shifting (P-shifting): The experience or pretend of physically morphing the body to a different look that isn't human. This is seen as a taboo in the Alter-Human community and proven to be impossible.


Shift: A change in the state of a being where they feel as if they lean more towards their animal/creature-self. Not all Alter-Humans experience shifts. (Suntherians and Vacillant Otherkin can also shift to a more human state of being.)

Mental shift: A shift in the thought pattern of a Therian/Otherkin from human to one more of a therio/kintype.

Phantom shift: The feeling of having or expecting to have/missing a specific limb of your therio/kintype that your human body does not have or that has a different structure than the human body (tails, wings, fangs, paws, etc.)

Sensory shift: A shift in the focus of your sense-input to the generally more important or used senses of your therio/kintype. This can make a Therian/Otherkin feel as if their senses are heightened and therefore working better than

than usual.

Astral shift: Mainly seen in meditation and disassociation, this shift is the experience of leaving your human body as your therio/kintype and entering the Astral Plane. This is a spiritual related shift that requires one to believe in the Astral Plane or anything alike.

Aura shift: This occurs when the shape or form of an auric field or life energy field changes to that of the theriotype. This is a spiritual related shift that requires the belief in auras that are considered paranormal.

Dream shift: The experience of being your therio/kintype or experiencing any other shift in your dreams, whether this is in the first or third person (not second!).

Bi-locational shift: The feeling of being at two places at the same time, often being the natural habitat of your therio/kintype. It's often experienced as sensing your current and the other habitat at the same time, overlapping one another.

Cameo shift: Experiencing any kind of shift that does not align with your own therio/kintype. (Recently the unofficial term 'cameotype' was created for those who have frequently returning cameo shifts from a certain species, but they don't identify with/as this animal/creature in any way).

Shift trigger: Any form of trigger that can cause a shift. Common ones being music, taking hikes, and natural habitat.

Species Dysphoria: The feeling of discomfort and sorrow over being of the human species, often yearning for owning the body and life of one's therio-/kin-/fictotype.


Polytherian: A person who identifies as more than one animal, therefore having more than one theriotype. This does not include hybrids.

Contherian: A person who experiences a constant state between their human and animal selves. Contherians usually do not experience shifts.

Suntherian: A person who experiences a constant shift between their human and animal-selves, but this state of shift can fluctuate per situation or mood (and therefore they can also 'shift' to a more human state). The Otherkin community often uses the term 'Vacillant' as an Otherkin version of the term.

Cladotherian: A person who does not identify as a specific species per se but rather a whole clade (example: not a wolf, but all canines, not a cat, but all felines, etc).

Paleotherian: A person who identifies as an animal that has gone extinct.


Gear: Objects that hold meaning to your therianthropy/otherkinity or that can trigger shifts. The object often has to do with your therio/kintype and it is often worn as accessories. Any object can be considered gear, however.


Den: A common word in the Therian community that implies a safe haven or little corner where a person can retrieve from the social world and be themselves. It is often associated with a cozy place or plain territory.

Territory: A common word in the Therian community that implies an area/space that is considered to be the property of the Therian. Some can feel highly protective over it. This can be your own home or a place in the forest claimed as yours.

Therian packs: A friend group of therians who often hang out together, online or in real life. Some species-specific packs can adopt the name that describes a group of that species (for example, a pride of lions/felines).


Howl: Common term used for a Therian meet-up.

Greymuzzle: A member of the Therian Community who has been around since the time of the therianthropy-founding AHWW (alt.horror.werewolves). Generally seen as people with an age above 30, and who have been in the community for more than 10 years.